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RY 2004-2005

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Moises "Boyet" G. Castro III
RY 1999-2000

Santos "Boyax" Ramos, Jr.
RY 2000-2001

Ismael "Maeng" Mercado
RY 2001-2002

Cecilio "Chino" Rivas
RY 2002-2003

Gabriel "Gabe" Trias, Jr.
RY 2003-2004

Ronilo "Nilo" Nepomuceno
RY 2004-2005

The RC CEPZ Website started on RY 1999-2000 on PP Moises "Boyet" Castro III's  term. It continued through RY 2000-2001 (PP Santos "Boyax" Ramos), RY 2001-2002 (PP Ismael "Maeng" Mercado), RY 2002-2003 (IPP Cecilio "Chino" Rivas), RY2003-2004 (PP Gabriel "Gabe" Trias, Jr.) and through this year RY2004-2005 under the leadership of President Ronilo "Nilo" Nepomuceno.

Since President Nilo works at Cavite Economic Zone, the CEZ Administration Bldg. was chosen as the background of this website.

A new home page was also setup to feature all the President's achievements since the charter of the club in 1992. The construction of this concept is still under process where some documents of other presidents from previous Rotary Years have not been compiled due to their migrations to different locations. A campaign to locate, compile and complete all the documents for all the missing terms is now underway.

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