Sights & Insights
 PP Jess Cabel
President, RY 1997-1998

Arrival at W. Icheon
June 23, 2005

PP Sang Bok Lee hosts a dinner at his restaurant.

Everland Tour
June 24, 2005

RC W. Icheon hosts a tour of The Everland - South Korea's version of Disneyland.

Mok-A Museum Tour
June 25, 2005

A tour of the Mok-A Museum which was built to hand down and develop traditional wooden sculpture.

Tour of King Sejong's Tomb
June 25, 2005

A tour of the Tomb of King Sejong, widely regarded as the most enlightened king in Korean history.

3rd Day Fellowships
June 25, 2005

Host club RC W. Icheon treats the visiting Rotarians to a whole day of fellowships.

Sisterclub Agreement
June 25, 2005

RC CEPZ President Ray Nagrampa and RC W. Icheon President Kim Won Seong sign the Sisterclub Agreement.

Seoul Tour
June 26, 2005

RC CEPZ members take a whole day shopping tour in Seoul before heading to the airport.

June 26, 2005

Members of RC W. Icheon and family send off the delegates from RC CEPZ at the new Incheon International Airport.