RY 2008-2009

Legacy President Roland Paita inherited two major Matching Grant projects applied and implemented during Sharing President Marni Sy's term in RY 2007-2008 - the Potable Water Project (MG# 64498) and the Bahay San Rafael Support Program (MG# 64914).

Officially closed by The Rotary Foundation on October 13, 2008, the Potable Water Project under Matching Grant # 64498 continues to function under the new leadership of Legacy President Roland Paita where the operation is still closely being monitored to extend its life with the cooperation of the Rotary Community Corps of Rosario National High School Parents, Teachers, Community Association (RCC RNHS) and the Rotary Community Corps of Cavite State University-Rosario Faculty Association (RCC CvSU).

The other Matching Grant project applied and approved in RY 2007-2008, the Bahay San Rafael Support Program  is still being implemented in RY 2008-2009 by Legacy President Roland Paita.

Other major projects include: Soup Kitchen Feeding Program, MOWoC Awards, RC CEPZ Rotary Community Corps and Golf Activities.