Public Relations & Website Seminar

August 28, 2010, Citimotors, Makati City - District Governor Nominee Maeng Mercado and Deputy Governor Gabe Trias as facilitators during the District Public Relations & Website Seminar.


District Governor Tranquil Salvador with PDG Lynne Abanilla, DGN Maeng Mercado and Dep. Gov. Gabe Trias.


The attendees while waiting for the seminar to start.




Public Image Regional Group Area Coordinator for South Pacific Regions Lynne Abanilla speaking on the importance of public relations in public imaging.


DG Tranquil Salvador's message.


DGN Maeng Mercado speaking on Effective Public Relations.


Rtn. Ken Tamayo discussed Social Networks.


Dep. Gov. Gabe Trias speaking on the features of the District Website.


Resource Speakers Rtn. Ken Tamayo, Dep. Gov. Gabe Trias and DGN Maeng Mercado receiving their Certificates of Appreciation from Global President Marie Fuentes of Rotary Club of Pasay Millenium and District Public Relations Chair Karen Tamayo.


Attendees receiving their Certificate of Participation from the organizers.


DGN Maeng's Closing Remarks.