The Rotary Club of CEPZ's aim in ensuring the public image of Rotary in our community is to focus on public relations with the media, local government officials, the business community, civic leaders, community organizations, students & educators on how to promote the club's service projects and activities. Media includes prints, online publication (websites), public access cable station, fax, radio, school and local newsletters, billboards & streamers.

Promoting the club's service projects begins on how it will be projected to the public starting from the conception of the name of the project with graphical representation on its promotional medium up to giving importance on its purpose and objectives. The following are some of the projects adopted to have this concept:

  • The recognition of the Ten Most Outstanding Workers of Cavite Economic Zone was promoted since RY 2002-2003 as the annual MOWoC Awards.

  • All literacy projects, adopted only this rotary year, will now be promoted as part of the club's Literacy Program - Unlad Kaalaman.

  • The club's feeding program was presented since RY 2003-2004 as part of the club's Soup Kitchen Feeding Program.