GSE Inbound Team Visits Bahay San Rafael

March 9, 2009, Amadeo, Cavite - The GSE Inbound Team of District 5170, San Francisco, USA visited RC CEPZ MG #64914 support program for Bahay San Rafael, a home for special children with cerebral palsy.


Kelly and Phillip greeted by Johnny, one of the 9 cerebral palsy children inside Bahay San Rafael.


Brother Fermin doing a short briefing. Kelly and Hillary were asking some questions to Bro. Fermin regarding the conditions of these children.


Tour inside the home of these children.


The 3 bedridden children, Edwin, Mariano and Christopher were out for fresh air and to greet our GSE Team. In uniforms are volunteers this month for 8 hours a day per care giver. Raymond, a new resident of this Bahay San Rafael gave Caryn a brochure.


The group touring the school facilities. A caregiver explaining the usage of these balls as an equipment for therapy. Phil is looking at the library of the school.


Hillary doing some stuff with Raymond, a new resident of Bahay San Rafael; showing the pictures of animals like the crocodile taken in the mini zoo of Island cove.


Johnny telling Sheila his favorite subject is arts; place where the 20 students of the school have their meals.


Another student with cerebral palsy and he is also autistic. All of us specially Sheil watched the therapy for Gemboy.


Johnny showing us some handicrafts made by him and some souvenirs sold at Bahay San Rafael; Kelly bought some bracelets.


Phil looking and asking workers regarding this new building.


Lunch at King Bee Chinese Restaurant.