TRF Future Vision Management Seminar

May 8, 2010, TESDA Women's Training Center - Chosen as one of the pilot districts of Rotary International, D3810 conducted the TRF Future Vision Management Seminar to provide guidance and be able to contribute to the implementation and development of The Rtary Foundation's Future Vision program.

The head table with DGE Tranquil.

DGE Tranquil's message.

Overview by PDG Ed Tuamangan.

ISDG Marni Sy on the Six Areas of Focus.

ISDG Lilong Chua speaking on Global Grants.

ISDG John Ang on the Global Grants Resources.

ISDG Jake Fleta discussing the District Grants.

RC CEPZ President Elect Ding Arias with
the officers of RC CEPZ.