District Chinese New Year Celebration

January 23, 2009, Century Seafood Restaurant - Rotary Club of CEPZ led by Legacy President Roland Paita and Ann Edna together with AG Marni Sy, SDG Maeng Mercado, PP Gabe Trias, Treasurer Ding Arias and Rtn. Tes Doneza celebrates the Chinese New Year as co-host of the event with RC Manila Metro as lead host.


RC CEPZ led by Legacy President Roland Paita with Anne Edna, AG Marni Sy, JDG Gabe Trias, Treasurer Ding Arias, Rtn. Tes Doneza and Assistant Governor's from Cavite Area.


DG Josie Ang with the Legacy Presidents.


DG Josie with host RC Manila Metro President Bernard Flour.












Legacy President Marni Sy introducing DG Josie Ang.


DG Josie Ang with her inspirational message.



A Chinese New Year gift for the District Governor.