RC CEPZ Delivers Goods to Bahay San Rafael

October 6, 2008, Amadeo, Cavite -  Legacy President Roland Paita and AG Marni Sy visited Amadeo, Cavite to deliver the 4th set of goods for the special children of Bahay San Rafael, a Matching Grant #64914 of the Bahay San Rafael Support Program. The program is a joint project of the Rotary Club of Cavite Export Processing Zone, District 3810-Philippines and Rotary Club of Sooji, District 3600-South Korea.


Johnny, one of the residents of Bahay San Rafael, welcomed Legacy President Roland Paita and AG Marni Sy and was amazed upon seeing the jeep and said, "Wow! ang ganda naman ng jeepney nyo."  So he requested if he can see the inside of the jeep.

According to one of the volunteer workers, they have a new volunteer caregiver who is an artist and suggested and volunteered to paint the wall for a better ambience for these children.

Johnny happily volunteered to help in unloading the goods and even asked "Para sa amin po yun?"

Legacy President Roland went to the school building to see if it is already in use.  Believe it or not, they now have 16 students already.

From top, clockwise: Legacy President Roland with Edwin. AG Marni Sy with Johnny and Edwin.  Edwin shouted "Hi!" when he saw AG Marni. AG Marni with Christopher who is the sole user of Nutren Junior and Prune Juice and wearing the diaper they received from the grant. Mariano looking at AG Marni smiling, actually was shouting when she was with Christopher.  Brother Mark,  said, "Seloso si mariano pala daw". And Dino running to the door while Johnny is waving.