Delivery of Goods to Bahay San Rafael

January 15, 2009, Amadeo, Cavite -  Legacy President Roland Paita together with Sharing President Marni Sy delivered goods to Bahay San Rafael as part of the MG #64914 support program for the special children of Bahay San Rafael in Amadeo, Cavite.



Legacy President Roland showing Edwin the grocery items we bought for them.



Edwin is trying to walk with the help of the volunteer to have a group picture with us.


Group picture with Ida (right most) the president of RCC Volunteer Care for Special Children.


Seated on the right is Jay, one of the beneficiaries who just took his bath.


Jay doesn't want to stand up 'coz he is still enjoying the picture taking session.


Ang cute nila di ba?


Jay is wondering what the Italian is doing while staring at the video cam on the tripod.


See....Jay is posing for the Italian young man.

Why Jay is out this time?  He just finished taking his bath kaya nasa mood at walang tantrum pa.


Sumali na rin si Edwin kay Jay.


Two volunteers teasingly showing off the shirt we bought for Edwin.



Edwin is so happy with the new shirt as you can see in the picture di ba?


Workshop time for Dino and Johnny.