Bahay San Rafael Scholars

The following are the five special children who will receive therapy for four months under TRF Matching Grant #64914:

  1. Eugene Roy Buhay - Child came from a simple family in Tagaytay. He is 9 years old and the youngest among the brood of three from the second marriage of his father. His elder siblings were unable to pursue further schooling due to financial limitation. His father works in Elzalde Farms earning meager amount just enough to sustain their needs.

    Per interview, child was sickly when he was still an infant but condition was noticed when he turned 1. Consequently, he had physical therapy for 2 months but was stopped because his parents observed that he got fever every after session. Therapy session was resumed when he was 8 for 6 months.

    This is a case of a 9 year-old child who has cerebral palsy. He needs therapy (Full Program - PT, OT and Sped) to improve his condition.

  2. Norberto Catubay Jr. - Child’s family came from Payatas, Quezon City. Accordingly, life was very difficult back then. Child is the youngest of six siblings. One of them is married and living independently. Elder siblings were unable to pursue further schooling due to financial limitations. Family head works as a carpenter and earns below minimum wage. His sister Lisa helps augment income as golf caddy but still combined earnings could hardly make both ends meet.

    Child is 11 year-old and has never been to school ever since. Aside from his mental retardation, he also has vision problem on top of his mass located on the forehead. According to his mother he had previous surgery on the mass site when he was still an infant but they noticed that the mass grows each time presently about 3-4 inches in diameter.

    This is a case of an 11year-old child who has mental retardation who did not receive any early intervention during his early age. His family sustains a hand to mouth existence and supporting him to schooling and therapy is beyond family’s afford. Child is recommended for Sped and Occupational therapy.

  3. Jezreel Cephira De Ramos - Child is the elder of two siblings. She is 6 years old and diagnosed with Developmental Delay by a Developmental Pediatrician. Further, she also underwent eye surgery at an early age for vision correction. She entered preparatory school though she cannot communicate yet verbally. Teachers found her socialization skills satisfactory but academic skills are way behind her age. Her mother works as “Barangay Social Worker” while her father helps augment income as Public Utility Jeepney Driver.

    This is a case of a 6 year-old child who was diagnosed of developmental delay; her family is below average income earner and could not sustain her tuition fee in full. She needs to undergo OT/Sped and Speech Therapy per recommendation.

  4. Sharwin De Sengaño - Child ranks third among the brood of five siblings with ages 2, 5, 12 and 14 respectively. They are all in-school except him and the youngest sibling. Accordingly, child has Down Syndrome though can communicate and independent in basic self-care activities such as bathing, eating and toileting. His father serves as the lone provider of the family working as construction boy/painter earning below minimum wage. Mother revealed that the child never entered formal schooling ever since because his father's earnings are just enough to sustain daily needs.

    This is a case of a 7 year-old child who has Down Syndrome. He is recommended to undergo Sped and Occupational Therapy but cost is beyond family’s afford.

  5. Scianthel Magbiray - Child is 6 years old and ranks second among the brood of four siblings. She was able to attend preparatory schooling but accordingly, she was not recommended to attend the commencement exercises due to problem in coping with academics and restless behavior (lack of concentration).   Child as narrated by the mother seems to be suffering from cognitive delay and poor attention span.

    Family head survives the family as a gardener but earnings could barely make both ends meet given the large family size.

    This is a case of a 6 year-old child who needs therapy and formal intervention on his possible cognitive delay. Child’s family could not afford to shoulder school fees as well as transportation allowance of the child. She is recommended for Sped and Occupational Therapy.