RC CEPZ 1st Medical Mission

August 1, 2009, Bagy. Langkaan, Dasmariņas, Cavite - RC CEPZ conducted its 1st Medical Mission under ViP Yvonne Nakazawa term at her residence in Dasmariņas, Cavite. A total of 140 patients availed of the service with 10 volunteer Doctors and Nurses from Divine Grace Medical Center. The club offered free medicine worth P30,000 to the patients mostly children from Barangay Langkaan, Dasmariņas, Cavite.


Rtns. Ding, Marni, Tess, Norma, Yvonne, Mai and Roland at RC CEPZ's first Medical Mission of RC CEPZ


IPP Roland assisting other nurses in registration, weighing of the patients.


Ipp Roland helping also in the queuing of the patients


Some of the patients during our medical mission for children.


These children came by themselves to consult the doctors.


Rtn. Tess and ViP Yvonne assisting a nurse in preparing of the medicines to be given to the patients.


Dr. Allan Lim of Divine Grace Medical Center checking the kids of Barangay Langkaan as our beneficiaries for this first medical mission. Upon the request of the parents of these children, they also consulted Dr. Allan and Dra. Prima Donna.


Dr. Allan "pare ko, ano ba ang nararamdaman mo?"


Dr. Allan "wala naman problem ang throat mo pero you need a dentist. Kasi bulok na ang mga nigpin! hahaha!"


Most of the kids handled by our volunteer doctor, Dr. Allan have cough, flu and fever.


The mother told Dr. Allan that her baby is only 5kgs. of which the doctor said "imposible po nanay" after carrying the baby himself.


In spite of heavy rain and strong wind, the mother of this baby still finds her way to have her baby checked by Dr. Allan. (May sipon and sinat kasi!)


See how this mom look at her baby? So the advice of the doctor is to have the baby checked thoroughly baka may primary complex.


The beneficiaries of this medical mission attended by Dra. Prima Donna Napa of Divine Grace Medical Center.


A baby less than a year old have been coughing for a week already.


Another baby beneficiary.


"Show me your tongue!"


This baby came in so late due to strong wind and heavy rain. Buti na lang umabot pa!


Dra. Donna checking the throat of this young boy who was complaining of cough.


Rtns. Tess and Norma together with ViP Yvonne helped in the distribution of medicines and instructions to the patients.


Rtn. Tess, ViP Yvonne and Rtn. Norma hands on in this medical mission.


IPP Roland and ViP Yvonne discussing on what to do kasi may bagyo na.


It is indeed a long day but this picture shows the satisfaction of ViP Yvonne and Community Service Committee Chair Norma.


Club Treasurer Ding explaining to his grandson what he and his Lola Tess are doing outside.


After all the patients have been registered, IPP Roland together with our volunteer nurses taking a little break.


Baby Rotarian Mai is also involved in this medical mission.


This is a picture showing fellowship through service. Bravo Mai!


Rtn. Mai giving the medicines and instructions to a patient.


This old man has a long time cough, hopefully, after this consultation, he would know how to take his medicine religiously and has his follow up check up.


Adult patients consulting Dr. Allan.

In spite of heavy rain and strong wind, the volunteers

of this medical mission still pushed through.  The tent filled with water and gave way

so Leo and IPP Roland helped each other to fix this.


After a free day from the two volunteer doctors, ViP Yvonne gave them tokens of appreciation with Rtn. Mai, Dra. Prima Donna, Dr. Allan, IPP Roland and Rtn. Norma