Manila Governors-Elect Training Seminar

November 26, 2009

Manila Intercon Hotel


IPP Cristy Edquiban, SDG Karen Tamayo, PP George, PP Bernie,

Rtn. Day and PP Marni celebrating the birthday of PP Bernie


SDG Johnny, SDG Ernest, PP Marni, DG Connie, SDG Karen and PP Bernie.


Synergy where DG, DGE and DGN were seated together during this session for continuity in one District.


The entry of RI President John Kenny escorted by RI President's Aide PDG Ed Tumangan at the synergy.


RI President John Kenny rendering his speech/message.


After his speech, RI President John Kenny leaving the ballroom.


RI President Kenny and ViP Ed Palma with the honor guards

during the GETS graduation night at Intercon Hotel.


PDG (RRFC) Alexander Mak with PP Marni and SDG Karen.


The spouses of District Governors-Elect.


DGEs and spouses with PDG Frederick, RI Pres. John, PDG Jackson and PDG Guiller.


DGEs with their spouses.


Entry of DGEs and spouse.


DGE Surgeon and spouse of Taiwan.


DGE Tranquil and spouse Rochelle.


Upon entry of DGEs and spouse, they went straight to the stage to greet the dignitaries.


Members of the support group for GETS.


Dream girls, one of the performers during that night.


DGE Tranquil receiving the certificate of GETS.


June and John Kenny dancing with the dream girls.


RI Pres. John Kenny with PP Marni Sy.


RI Pres. John Kenny with the support group members and PDG Ed Tumangan.


DGE spouses during fellowship.


DGNN Maeng Mercado dancing with the group.



Fellowship after the graduation.