094 Gen. Trias Drive, Rosario, Cavite
(Between McDonald's & 7-Eleven)
Phones: 63-46-438-3786 / 63-46-971-4617
Cell: 63-917-551-3160
eMail: info@TheVillage-Cavite.com

First created for people –
then, for commerce.

The Village Commercial Center is a trading center

that envisions a developing community that would

prosper in the field of commerce.

It aims to be an epitome of high-class businesses

that would cater to different retails and services.

Phone: 046-884-0011

Phone: 046-971-4617

Bike Shop & General Merchandise
(bicycle parts & service)
Phone: 046-438-1003

 Phone: 046-438-3748 / 438-3342
Cell: 0918-4492962 / 0920-8207685

Phone: 046-438-5443

Cell: 0927-270-1425

RTW ¨Bags ¨Children’s Wear
Gifts for All Occasions
Phone: 046-438-0894

Phone: 046-438-1155

The Village Mall aims to establish a healthy commercial area
with a sociable environment. A place where one can enjoy
the pleasure of relaxation while shopping.

Street Bars

Cell: 0915-590-2785

Cell: 0927-670-0190

Cell: 0916-492-6850

Interact Bar
Cell: 0918-900-8360

Cell: 0921-304-7400

Cell: 0918-469-4416

Cell: 0915-562-3242

Cell: 0919-560-4749

Cell: 0920-870-2510

Cell: 0916-570-5771

Cell: 0920-551-5098

Cell: 0919-351-3710

Cell: 0916-708-1036

Cell: 0927-935-1852

Cell: 0915-401-7808

This environment-friendly establishment is also
a great venue for a family’s time out.
It features “The Calle,” a park that provides serenity
through its peaceful ambience; gives entertainment
through its special events;
and serves as a place where one can spend the day
with loved-ones.

If interested in renting or investing, please call:

63-46-438-3786 / 63-46-971-4617 / 63-917-551-3160
or send an eMail to:

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