10 Most Outstanding Workers of CEZ 2000
December 16, 2000
Cavite Economic Zone, Rosario, Cavite

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The 11 Most Outstanding Workers of CEZ

This year 11 workers were picked as outstanding workers of CEZ. Governor Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr., the major sponsor of this event had actually pledged to award 15 Outstanding Workers. Due to lack of participants, only 11 were picked during the preliminary interview on the 15th of December. This year's winners are:

DCP06083.JPG (227508 bytes)
Loreto Ballesteros
Pacific Rare Metals, Inc.
DCP06084.JPG (248734 bytes)
Eufrocina Cueno
Hayakawa Electronics Phils. Corp.
DCP06085.JPG (202446 bytes)
Juralex Anito
Heavyduty Packaging Corp.
DCP06086.JPG (196455 bytes)
Rosewin Loyola
P. IMES Corp.
DCP06087.JPG (234564 bytes)
Jesusima Bocalan
Sanritsu Great Int'l Corp.
DCP06088.JPG (252742 bytes)
Rivelee V. Nool
Dae Ryung Ind., Inc. Phils.
DCP06089.JPG (258859 bytes)
Emily Cantuba Dunton
N.T. Philippines, Inc.
DCP06090.JPG (223201 bytes)
Anna Nianina D. Poniente
Nihon Garter Phils., Inc.
DCP06091.JPG (221426 bytes)
Jerry Saballegue
Clarion Mfg. Corp. of the Phils.
DCP06092.JPG (202444 bytes)
Joaquin Laserna
CS Garment, Inc.
DCP06097.JPG (161651 bytes)
Marianne Magadia
K2 Fine Metal Corp.

DCP06093.JPG (232952 bytes)
Guest Emcee Bayani Agbayani.

DCP06096.JPG (296930 bytes) DCP06099.JPG (298021 bytes)
Surprise numbers by Dynamic Movers of Dyna Image Corp. (left) and
Dance 2000 from Gen. Trias, Cavite.

DCP06102.JPG (272457 bytes) DCP06105.JPG (294501 bytes) DCP06107.JPG (262348 bytes)
Guest Nini Jacinto entertains (from left) Rotaractor JunPat Gabriel, CEZ Administrator
Raymundo Nagrampa and Rotary Club of CEPZ Vice President Cyril Salamanque.

DCP06110.JPG (286102 bytes)
CEZ Administrator Raymundo Nagrampa introducing
the guest speaker Gov. Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr.

DCP06112.JPG (212604 bytes)
Special Number by the CEZ Choral Group.

DCP06115.JPG (296777 bytes)
Guest Speaker Gov. Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr.

DCP06123.JPG (264869 bytes) DCP06124.JPG (280116 bytes)
Gov. Bong Revilla presented a special treat to
street children Michael (left) and Jordan (right) who sang
the Barangay Ginebra theme song.

DCP06125.JPG (264780 bytes) DCP06127.JPG (283694 bytes) DCP06131.JPG (262396 bytes) DCP06133.JPG (276564 bytes)
Four of the 11 Most Outstanding Workers receiving their certificate and prize money of P15,000 each from
Governor of Cavite Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr.

DCP06137.JPG (264557 bytes) DCP06139.JPG (236298 bytes)
Gov. Bong Revilla presenting raffle prize to a winner. CEZ Administrator
Raymundo Nagrampa with President Elect Maeng Mercado
also assisted in giving out raffle prizes

DCP06141.JPG (258658 bytes)
Raffle prizes displayed on stage.

Winners of the grand prizes:
DCP06142.JPG (228353 bytes)
DCP06143.JPG (211327 bytes) DCP06144.JPG (233763 bytes)

DCP06145.JPG (235605 bytes) DCP06146.JPG (249538 bytes)

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