Miss CEZ Mayflower 2001
May 5, 2001

(Talent Competition)

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Presentation of Candidates

DCP06546.JPG (237728 bytes) DCP06548.JPG (226051 bytes) DCP06549.JPG (227907 bytes) DCP06551.JPG (227328 bytes)
The Candidates wearing special collections by Australis Boutique.

The Judges

DCP06584.JPG (233218 bytes)

Talent Competition

DCP06561.JPG (226919 bytes)
Eunice Mata Mojica
D & A International

DCP06563.JPG (190849 bytes)
Marie Raquel Ricasata Rosal
Sanritsu Great International Corp.

DCP06565.JPG (195901 bytes)
Elena W. Peregrino
SCAD Services (s) Pte., Limited

DCP06566.JPG (194007 bytes)
Lovely Dinco Nipay
Hayakawa Electronics (Phils.), Inc.

DCP06569.JPG (197125 bytes)
Bituin Tuaņo Pedro
Itabashi Seiki Phils., Inc.

DCP06570.JPG (227306 bytes)
Lynnie Pugeda Almario
Magnetron Tech. Corp.

DCP06574.JPG (252318 bytes)
Bettina Cyril Juntura Poblete
San Technology, Inc.

DCP06576.JPG (227939 bytes)
Jean Rose Anzures Ang-oay
Pacific Rare Metals Ind., Inc.

DCP06579.JPG (206062 bytes)
Vivian Sta. Maria Convento
Glory Philippines, Inc.

DCP06581.JPG (224751 bytes)
Baby Jane Olaes Agasino
Dae Duck Phils., Inc.

DCP06592.JPG (246145 bytes)
Official Tabulators from ACG Jose Consultants Co. headed by non-other than a Rotarian herself, Ms. Joan Corcuera.

DCP06586.JPG (241956 bytes) DCP06593.JPG (219168 bytes)
Inspirational Talk by CEZ Administrator Raymundo Nagrampa and Rotary of CEPZ President Sanots "Boyax" Ramos.

The Winner!

DCP06615.JPG (228020 bytes)
Bituin Tuaņo Pedro
Itabashi Seiki Phils., Inc.

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