Drug Abuse
Labor Management/Sexual Harassment



I.       Physical Effects:

1.    Malnutrition

2.    Secondary Infection sets in

·        Bronchitis

·        PTB

·        Hepatitis

·        Gastric Ulcer

·        Cirrhosis

3.    Skin infection and rashes

4.    Marijuana (MJ) and LSD

·        Repeated abortion

·        Still birth, fetal deformities

·        Unnecessary death or

·        Accidents due to impaired judgment, perception

·        Poor psychomotor performance

5.    Increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases

II.     Psychological Effects

1.          Deterioration of personality and impaired emotional maturation.

2.          Adequate mental function is impaired

3.          Loss of drive and ambition

4.          Loss of interest to study

5.          Develops psychosis and depression

6.          Laziness and lethargy

7.          Boredom and restlessness

8.          Irritability and rebellious attitude

9.          Withdrawn

10.           Forgetfulness


“A Motivational Syndrome” wherein individuals lose interest in everything that is worthwhile, less motivation to face challenges, to compete in athletics and loss of desire to work.