Children's Christmas Party 2000
December 23, 2000
PEZA Administration Bldg., CEZ, Rosario, Cavite

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Street children of Rosario were personally invited by Rotaract members the night before (left photo).

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Rotaract Club of CEPZ with Rotary Club of CEPZ President Boyax Ramos.

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Several games were organized to entertain the street children.

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Special numbers by Jaypee and Venus who sang to everyone with
assistance from Rotaract Director of Community Service Erin Colocado.

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Food were distributed to all children participants.

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Special appearance by McDonald's Birdie.

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Rotaract of CEPZ President Jun Gan assisted by
Rotary Club of CEPZ Youth Service Director
Dick Maza presented all the children participants with gifts.

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