An inspirational message by DCHR Gabe Trias
at World Rotaract Week Celebration
March 13, 2009, Sta. Isabel College, Manila


According to Wikipedia, Volunteerism is the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain.

You, as Rotaractors, should volunteer in addressing your communities' physical and social needs. Begin at the local level. What are your community's needs? This is what you have to ask to organize a service project. You do not look only at the community's problems but consider the community's assets that you may be able to use in conducting service projects. Community assessments will reveal information you didn't know before!

If you want to make a difference in your community and in your own life, volunteering is the way to go. The gratitude you will receive will help you see the importance of volunteering. A simple smile from the special children whenever we visit them to distribute food and clothing; a simple smile from the undernourished school children whenever we give them food to eat for that day; a simple smile from factory workers whenever we honor them for their achievements. A simple smile you get acknowledging their appreciation to everything you do for them. How wonderful you would feel even for just a simple smile.

Searching through the internet, I found these seven reasons why you should make the commitment:

  1. To give something back to others - First and foremost, volunteering is about giving. Organizations like us that require volunteer services are generally involved in improving society and the world around us. When you volunteer, you contribute to our efforts to improve life.

  2. To learn something about yourself - You might find out you have a knack for relating to seniors. You might have compassion when working with people during disasters. When volunteering puts you in new situations, you discover skills and traits you may not have used before.

  3. Because you have a passion - You love animals, so you get involved with an animal shelter. You're concerned about the environment, so you join the Manila Bay Clean-Up project of the district. You practice magic tricks in your spare time, so you entertain at a children's hospital. Put your passion to work.

  4. To develop new skills - Get involved with The Rotary Village and learn how to construct a house. Volunteer in a suicide-prevention program and learn crisis intervention. Some clubs provide training for the skills you will need to use.

  5. To have some fun - An afternoon of baseball as a Big Brother will be far more entertaining than sitting on the couch watching baseball.

  6. To improve your resume - If you're a web designer and you volunteer to build a web site, you have a new entry in your portfolio. Volunteering in your skill area will add experience to your resumè.

  7. To feel good about yourself - Hopefully, when you decide to volunteer, it's not with ulterior, self-serving motives. However, when you sincerely give of yourself to others, it's amazing how good you start to feel about your own life.

Whatever your reason, volunteering can transform you and the world around you.

Here are a lot more reasons why you should volunteer:

  1. Help others

  2. Make a difference

  3. Connect with your community

  4. Develop communication skills

  5. Build personal and professional contacts

  6. Meet new people; make new friends

  7. Help those who can't help themselves

  8. Preserve the environment

  9. Build a better future

  10. Lift someone's spirits

  11. Plant a community garden

  12. Showcase good citizenship

  13. Change someone's life

  14. Right a wrong

  15. Help others stay healthy

  16. Put your own skills to work

  17. Make your community safe

  18. Understand new cultures

  19. Assist at school

  20. Feed the hungry

  21. Relieve disaster

  22. Motivate others

  23. Make the world a better place

  24. Impress your mom

  25. Impress yourself

  26. Build your self-esteem and self-confidence

  27. Expand your horizons

  28. Get out of the house

  29. Erase illiteracy

  30. Achieve self-fulfillment

  31. Build shelters for the homeless

  32. Feel good about yourself

  33. Teach others

  34. Help wipe out poverty

    And most of all:

  35. Have fun!

If you consider the many benefits you will receive, you will be asking yourself why you are not more involved with helping a cause!?

It's time to do something! GET OUT THERE AND VOLUNTEER!